• Dear Dr. Finsand, Just a note to summarize my treatment, my feelings and my experience in your office: I came to Dr. Finsand’s office because of severe lower back pain that would come and go on a weekly basis, many times causing a shooting pain down my right or left leg. Plus, I was throwing my back out every few months while performing everyday tasks. It got so severe that I had an MRI done and found that the lower three discs were the problem. I did not have a herniated disc but it was bulging. I tried physical therapy and that helped, but it wasn’t giving me the relief that I wanted. That’s when Dr. Finsand suggested being treated by his new back machine. A four day a week, month and a half program. As is my nature, I was skeptical about the machine and its results. But surgery was not an option and this, in my opinion, was the next best thing. The first week was the worst; I was in a lot of pain, like I had thrown my back out again. As I continued the treatment the pain began to get a little better, but it was still painful enough that I started to wonder if I was doing the right thing. Dr. Finsand assured me that everyone is different on the machine and some patients did take longer than others to see results. And that’s exactly what happened. By the fourth week, I really started to notice a difference. My back finally began to feel like I could move and do things I used to without the pain. By the end of the six weeks I honestly felt like anew man! The pain that I was used to experiencing was gone! It’s now been over a month since I was treated and I am back to working out every other day and the days I don’t lift I do cardio exercises like running and biking. I’m still very careful about taking care of my back and I still get soreness occasionally. I believe that’s where the physical therapy comes in to help strengthen it. But I can feel that my discs have been strengthened. The service was also great at the office. Dr. Finsand and his staff always treated me very kindly, made sure I was comfortable, listened to my concerns, and answered my questions. Of course the back machine is not for everyone… but Dr. Finsand was right on when he said, it would work for me. It did!

    Dan Rascon

  • I suffered with chronic back pain for 24 years, seeing countless doctors, doing therapy, taking pain medication. Nothing helped. Dr. Finsand told us about this new machine that was coming to his office. My first thought was that I’d try anything since I had ruled out surgery completely. So in December I started my treatments. First time I was pretty sore, but soon after I started feeling better. Within about 2 weeks I had no more back pain. I went from being in pain 90%. The treatments were fast and painless. I fully recommend this for anyone with back pain. Thank you to Dr. Finsand and his staff.

    Holly Rodocker

  • The people at South Valley Spinal Care were professional, courteous, and always made me feel welcome. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in L4 and L5 3 years ago. I had 2 epidurals that did not relieve the pain. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic treatment but I saw the ad in the newspaper and decided to check it out. I did not want to have surgery! I wanted relief from the pain. After the 3rd treatment, I had less pain. It continued to improve with each treatment. I want to thank Dr. Finsand and his staff for the excellent treatment I received. I will never bad mouth chiropractors again.

    Carol A Michael

  • I have had severe back pain and almost considered surgery. The MRI showed that I had 2 bulging discs and a problem with my S1 that caused pinching of my sciatic nerve. I started working with a competent chiropractor and saw great improvement, but still had pain. I decided to try the DRX 9000 and see what might happen. The machine got me back to almost 100% health. I will visit again in the future to ensure good disc health. I also believe in the importance of good chiropractic care to ensure proper spinal alignment so as to not further aggravate disc problems and flair up back pain.

    Richard Ferguson

  • Before finding South Valley Spinal Care I had tried any and all options I had come across to help my lower back. Chiropractic and exercise kept me moving and at times even kept the pain levels down. As time went on, my back kept getting worse. When I first heard of the threatments at Dr. Finsands office, I was going through one of my better times and thought that would be nice, but I live in Idaho and his office is in Sandy so I didn’t give it much more thought. Then, as usual, for no apparent reason, my back seemed to go out again and the usual things I had done were not working for me this time. I decided I had no coice but to give it a try. Dr. Finsand and his staff worked with me and my schedule to make it as convenient as possible to get four treatments a week and still be with my family in Idaho as much as possible. I’ve never met a Doctor with a better bedside manner. I felt that he really went out of his way to get to know me. Dr Finsand and his staff were very caring and kind throughout the entire six weeks. I always felt comfortable in their office. The first thing I noticed about the treatment was that it hurt when the weight was at its lowest and about ready to start climbing up again which told me that it felt better to open up that disc and get the pressure off. My back actually felt better after the first couple of treatments! After that, the treatments were not uncomfortable, but I didn’t notice a huge difference in the way I felt until towards the end when then I knew I was on to dsomething good. Sometimes, mostly on Mondays, it was painful to get off of the machine. The day after my 22nd treatment (5.5 weeks) my family went on a jeep trip to Moab, Utah. I was pretty nervous and didn’t want to ruin all the progress I made, but it all went so well. I was able to bump around in the jeep, hike, climb rocks and keep up with my family. It was wonderful! It was so great to get out of the vehicle and walk away from it along with everyone. I didn’t have to wait there until I could stand up straight and get my legs under me before I could walk away. It’s also interesting and wonderful that my knees and feet have been feeling much better, as well. I realize that my lower back will always be a weak spot and I’m pretty careful. However, I can do most things. I do yoga, walk, ride my bike, lift wegiths and work my core muscles. I’ve been doing some yard work and I can play with my grandkids again. I can ride in the car for long distances, sit through church or a movie without pain and walk away when I stand up. I’ve been govfing again. I’ve been horseback riding a couple of times, however, that left me sore for a while after. I love having my life back. My family love having me happy and back to being myself again. It’s been great and I would recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with back pain. I can think of a log we could have done with that money, however, nothing that I’d rather have more than my back working better.

    LuAnn H Kelley

  • I have had lower back pain for over 5 years. I lived on ibuprofen every day. I started getting relief the first week, by the end of treatments I felt no pain. The treatments were so relaxing I could have slept during them. I have a very difficult schedule but Dr. Finsand and his staf were wonderful working with it. The DRX is the future available now. Thanks for a pain free life!!

    Shaun Watson

  • I was walking with a cane for 1 year before coming to see Dr. Finsand. After a few treatments on the DRX 9000 to treat a couple of herniated discs, I have not had to use a cane. I’ve been to chiropractors in the past, and this is the first time the treatments have really helped. This is the first time I’ve been to a chiropractor that has really helped. I will recommend Dr. Finsand to all my friends and neighbors. The treatments were painless. I feel so much better after having treatments.

    David McNeely

  • I have had chronic and acute back pain for nearly 14 years from a military injury. After 3 surgeries and being resigned to using a cane for the rest of my life, I was willing to try anything. After my DRX treatments, I can now walk pain free and without a cane. For the first time in years I was able to run with my kids in the park. Thank you so much. I would recommend you and the treatments to anyone.

    John E Catmull

  • In 2000 it was discovered that I had chipped two vertebras and had to have the cracked pieces removed and calcium cleaned out. This relieved the tension on the sciatic nerve and for several years I had no pain. In 2006 I started to have a lot of pain and it got to the point that I could not walk or stand. This time the doctor told me I had six bulging discs and there was nothing could be done. I was put on a lot of pain meds and told the eventual outcome would be to fuse the spine. A friend suggested I see a chiropractor and maybe I could get some relief. I went to see Dr. Finsand and he introduced me to the DRX9000. I went in for my first appointment in July and after just one treatment I walked around the block with my husband, something I would never have tried prior to that treatment. I finished my treatments in August and have not had any sciatic pain since that day and continue to be active, take walks, and do all the things I would normally do. Thanks to Dr. Finsand and the DRX9000.

    Jacklyn Christensen

  • Humble Finsand has been my chiropractor for 2 years. I had a bulging disc problem which would not go away and one year ago, he suggested that I try the DRX machine because he felt very strongly that the treatments would help my back. I had not been able to move my left leg laterally but after 1 treatment I could. Sometimes I had a little pain in my left leg because it was in one position, but really the most marked thing was a feeling of weakness in my lower back. I used a brace for a few hours afterwards. One year later I have had no recurrence of the problem. And although like anyone who has back problems, I take care of my back, I am delighted to have been able to have the DRX treatments. They were literally a life saver. Add to that fact, Dr. Finsand’s staff and you have the best recipe you can imagine for a pleasant and welcoming experience.

    Ruth Joseph

  • My experience at Utah Spinal Care with Dr. Finsand and his staff was remarkable. I entered an extended course of therapy designed to repair disc damage in the lower back. Every step of the therapy, beginning with pre assessment, examination and education, and ending with examination and more teaching, was handled effectively and with personal concern for my well being. Every procedure was explained beforehand and I was encouraged to ask questions and offer my opinion on the direction of the therapy. Some pain was experienced through the course of therapy, but at no time was the discomfort as severe as I experienced before treatment. The gradual relief was evident and kept me returning for more. The result after many years of pain is near freedom from lower back discomfort and the return of much of my youthful mobility. And it has continued through the three months since my last visit to the clinic. Life is better, without question! Without qualification, I recommend Dr. Finsand and his staff to anyone seeking relief in a confident and caring atmosphere.

    Jerald Ottley

  • From the instant that I met Dr. Finsand I was convinced that he would be able to help me. I was very hesitant about getting a MRI and the advice he gave me about Open Imaging relieved all of my fears. From this report he could make an accurate diagnosis which I had never had before. The treatments were painless; I was expecting much more discomfort. I actually looked forward to each treatment as I knew his staff would take good care of me in their efficient, professional manner. Dr. Finsand carefully explained each procedure in detail to relieve any fears or anxieties that I might have. The excruciating sciatica pain that I felt started to subside by the second treatment and eventually went away completely. I have had chiropractic adjustments before so this was not something that I was fearful of but I must say that the adjustments that Dr. Finsand made during and after my treatments were so much more effective and lasting. I would not hesitate recommending these treatments to anyone. In fact I have given the video and the brochures to several people already.

    Arleen Summerhays

  • I went into treatment after having pain for about 1 year from an L5 herniation. I had tried tsteroid shots, which worked well, although I had some side effects from that which I ddin’t want to repeat. Physical therapy helped a little. I was at the point of considering surgery, although I really didn’t want to go that route, when I decided to meet with Dr. Finsand. The first few weeks were uncomfortable, although I usually had pain lying flat on my back anyway. After several weeks, I was a little discouraged because it didn’t seem to be working as much as I had wanted. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks after treatment that I started noticing some big changes in my back and leg pain. Now, 3 months after treatment, I cannot say I am pain-free HOWEVER, I can now exercise pain-free, which is going to help me have more long-term relief as I lose more weight. I can lay down flat on my back without pain. I can also get through the day without feeling like I have to rest every 30 minutes from back pain! I would definitely recommend this treatment to those looking for non-surgical relief from chronic back pain.

    Melinda McCarthy

  • I have lived with back pain for several years not wanting to have surgery on it. When I heard about this procedure, I was about ready to try anything to relieve the pain. So when I decided to try it my pain was unbearable. It took about 3 weeks on the machine. I was amazed at the results I was getting. It was painless on the machine. I was completely cured by the end of the procedure. Meaning I had no pain left at all. I would recommend this to anyone that needs relief. The people at the office were very kind and gentle. Thank you Dr. Finsand and staff for a pain free back so I can get on with the things I love to do.

    Roland Olsen

  • Hi - It's Denise Karren. My story is simple – I couldn’t walk before I started seeing Dr. Humble. I will be going to see him forever! I don’t have a choice! Thanks for everything. You saved me from pain!

    Denise Karren

  • In the spring of 1999, I crashed on my ATV injuring my lower back. For 4 years I had sharp lower back pain any time I stepped or twisted wrong. In the summer of 2003 I sneezed and threw out my back. I could barely walk or move without excruciating pain. After almost 2 days like this I called Dr. Finsand. He adjusted me and relieved the pain. He told me I had some deterioration in one of my lower discs. From time to time I would still have lower back pain. In the fall of 2005, Dr Finsand told me about the DRX 9000 and I decided to do the program. It was great! I finished the program in November and since then I have not had any problems with my back… it has been wonderful!!

    Shawn Anderson

  • I originally hurt my back in 98’ and since then have tried surgery, physicah therapy, chiropractic care (spinal adjustments), lots of massage , and lots of ice and constant Ibuprofen. I had multiple herniations in my lower back and there were many days that I just couldn’t get out of bed. Then I tried the DRX. It was painless while on the machine, and the results have been truly miraculous!! After the 2nd week, I noticed better range of motion and less pain while sleeping at night. Now that my 5 weeks are over, I feel like I’m 20 years old again. I can’t believe how much better I feel. I would recommend Dr. Finsand and staff and their expertise with the DRX to anyone. It aws the best thing I’ve ever done for my health… PAIN FREE!!

    Greg Weichers

  • I had been plagued by sciatic nerve problems in my right leg. The pain at times was very uncomfortable - requiring back rest. Examination revealed the pinched nerve near the base of the spine. I was given two injections into the nerve area of the back which gave some temporary relief. Deep massage therapy also gave some temprorary relief. A friend of ours had received the spinal care treatment and was relieved from most of her pain, so I decided to give the treatment a try. The treatments were uncomfortable but not painful and I have had no more sciatic nerve pain or problems. Yes, I would recommend spinal decompression treatment if one is willing to follow up with the recommended self-physical therapy.

    L. Dale Hanks

  • I had a herniated disc and wasw in constant pain. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture for a year with no positive results. I saw Dr. Finsands ad and made an appointment to see him with skepticism. After every week of treatment on the DRX 9000, I noticed less back pain. I finished treatment in June 2006 and now live, work and play virtually pain free (it gets better all the time!) Dr Finsand taught me ways to continually strengthen my back. This care and treatment has improved the quality of my life! Thank you, Dr. Finsand!

    Margith Maughan

  • After over 5 years of lower back pain, I was told that I basically had two options. 1 – Surgery or 2 – learn to live with the pain. I didn’t like either option. Then I read an ad in the local newspaper, “Relief from back pain without surgery.” I phoned the number listed in the ad and received a packet in several days. I was impressed by what I read and decided to go in for an evaluation. I learned more in 15 minutes with Dr. Finsand, about my back than from any previous doctor. He had a copy of my MRI and he showed me on a plastic model just what my spine looked like. There was no hype or hard sell just the facts. He explained what the program could do for me using the DRX 9000 machine, what the treatment would be and the cost. He answered all my concerns. I was very impressed. I decided to go for it, even though my insurance did not cover the procedure and I was still somewhat skeptical. The program consists of 20+ painless stretching treatments over a 5 week period. I could hardly walk when I started. By the time I finished, I walked out pain free for the first time in years. I am now a believer in the DRX9000 program and I highly recommend it. I was very impressed with Dr. Finsand and his staff of several well trained young women technicians. They are all very professional, effective and kind. I started looking forward to each treatment. After I was finished with the program, I almost wanted to keep coming back, just to be around such outstanding people. Thank you all very much.

    Quinten Hunsaker

  • Seven years ago I injured my back. I couldn’t walk more than five minutes without excruciating pain. My family physician prescribed physical therapy and anti9inflammatories. Physical therapy helped somewhat but the anti-inflammatory did not touch my pain. Several phone calls to my physician only resulted in “you’ve got a little pinched nerve” I changed my physician and an MRI was ordered. I had a herniated disc. Back surgery was prescribed as well as injections. After seeing the horrible results of several other back pain sufferers, I refused both. I searched the internet for alternative treatments and that’s when I learned about decompression therapy. My first treatment on the DRX 9000 was a little uncomfortable because of my pain level but after my treatment, to my amazement, I was pain free. I continued my treatment with Dr. Finsand and have been pain free for the first time in seven years. If anyone reading this is suffering from a herniated disc, I highly recommend Dr. Finsand and the DRX 9000. Thank you, Dr. Finsand for giving me my life back.

    Kathy Wisner