• If you have been to Dr. Finsands clinic, you have probably heard him talk about magnesium. It is one of the main supplements that he recommends to people who have been struggling with back pain. We also know that it is important for optimal function of your heart, muscles and kidneys. But can magnesium help with depression?

    Across the globe, over 300 million people from all ages suffer from depression. Treatment options can be limited by cost and availability, and some can have questionable side effects. This is where Magnesium comes in. In an interview about a recent study she conducted, Emily Tarleton, PhD, RD, CD and the Bionutrition Research Manager at the University of Vermont’s Clinical Research Center, stated that over a 6 week period of time, symptoms of both depression and anxiety improved significantly when supplementing with magnesium. This worked regardless of age, gender, or use of other treatments for depression.

    So if it helps with all that… why are so many people low in magnesium? Well first because not many know all the benefits of magnesium. Second, it is found in foods like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes. With the modern American diet, we don’t consume enough of these healthy foods to get enough magnesium in our diets.

    magnesium supplementWith so many benefits and the risk of side effects so low, magnesium is one of the best things you can supplement with. It is available over the counter but we do recommend using one that is easily absorbed by the body, which can rule out drug store magnesium supplements. For maximum absorption and effectiveness we recommend Jigsaw Magnesium w SRT which is a malate form of magnesium that 85% of can be absorbed and has sustained release technology.

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