• magnesium supplementYes, magnesium can actually help reduce your back pain! In fact, every organ in your body needs magnesium for optimal function – this includes your heart, muscles, and kidneys. This powerful mineral contributes to the makeup of healthy teeth and bones, contributes to energy production, and helps regulate nutrient levels in your body.

    So how does it work? There are a few key benefits that makes this one of the main supplements that we recommend when a patient is suffering from low back pain or is beginning spinal decompression therapy.

    1. Magnesium can help relieve the pain caused by constricting nerves and blood vessels.
    2. Can help counter too much calcium in the body: Calcium can cause the fibers of the muscle to bind up tightly and magnesium counters that to help them relax. Ideally, the ratio of calcium to magnesium would be 1:1, and in today’s modern diet on average people get anywhere from 5:1 to 15:1 of calcium to magnesium.
    3. Assists in the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is a molecule that stores energy. Not having enough ATP in our bodies can cause our muscles to contract.

    You can see why this mineral can help someone that is suffering from chronic low back pain, sciatica, or beginning spinal decompression therapy, but unfortunately, getting enough magnesium from your diet alone is very difficult. For this reason we recommend supplementing with a magnesium supplement that is easily absorbed by the body. This rules out many drug store magnesium supplements which can also cause digestive discomfort. For maximum absorption and effectiveness we recommend Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT which is a malate form of magnesium that 85% of can be absorbed and has sustained release technology.

    Call South Valley Spinal Care at 801-871-0712 today to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Finsand and don’t forget to ask him about the benefits of Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT. 


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