• At South Valley Spinal Care we do not treat symptoms, we treat the person. We work closely with your primary care provider to completely understand your past/current treatment and report often of your progress, in hopes to reduce medications and promote health.

    We understand that the body is inter-connected and when healthy, runs like “a well oiled machine”. With that in mind, we also understand that disease and functional inability will disrupt the body as a whole, causing symptoms in seemingly unrelated areas.

    Our diagnostic approach is designed to unmask the primary source of your condition and expose disease early in hopes to restore optimum health.

    Multiple treatments are available and depending on your condition may include; chiropractic, spinal decompression, diet, nutrition and homeopathic injections.

    Together we will develop a treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle and is customized to your needs.

  • Let's get the paperwork out of the way! Please print, fill out completely and sign this general patient information form before your first appointment. 

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