• South Valley Spinal Care is dedicated to address and help prevent the chronic debilitating diseases that plague our society, adults and children alike. We recognize that each person has their own unique genetic make-up and require their own personal delivery of care. We also recognize that health begins with obtaining correct principles and knowledge that, in time, brings optimal health and a healthier lifestyle.

    If you are over weight, obese, diabetic, have heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, fibromyalgia and/or generalized pain we can help.

    Our holistic approach is designed to give you a healthy, yet very effective, alternative to drugs and surgery. Our goal is to help our patients fight chronic disease with nutrition, functional medicine, pain management and weight loss. Improving physical performance, reducing pain, increasing vitality and providing a better sense of health and well-being.

    With proactive treatment, education and support we will guide you to a second chance on life.